Why do I need a website security solution?

Malware and hackers don't discriminate, if you are unprotected an attack can happen anytime with devastating consequences to your business and customer relationships.

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SiteLock Find
SiteLock Find offers a daily alarm system for any malicious activity on your website.
  • Malware Scan
  • Spam & Network Scan
  • Risk Score
  • XSS Vulnerability Scan (one-time)
  • SQL Injection Scan (one-time)
  • Application Scan (monthly or quarterly)
  • Domain Verification
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  • SiteLock Trust Seal
  • SiteLock Dashboard
  • **Up to 25 Pages
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Emergency Scan your Website Now

Do you suspect your website is infected or has been hacked? Choose a one-time SiteLock 911 Emergency Scan. 911 will immediately scan your website files for malicious code, automatically remove it and upload the clean files back to your server so you can get back to business.


/one-time fee +GST

Website Security FAQs

What's the difference between SSLs and Website Security plans?

An SSL Certificate is great, it encrypts data to and from your website. But it doesn't protect your website from other attacks and vulnerabilities like malware, DDoS attacks or SQL injections. If you secure your business with both an SSL and a Website Security product, you get a full coverage which in turn protects your customers.

Why do I need Website Security?

There are thousands of cyber threats to the stability of your website and network daily, and new ones are being discovered all the time. What happens if your website is infected? Your business will suffer, not only because of website downtime, but also because your customers will lose confidence in your business.

What do I do if my site is already hacked?

SiteLock 911 offers an emergency fix when your website has been hacked or is compromised in some way. For a one-time fee SiteLock 911 will immediately scan your website files for malicious code, automatically remove that code and upload replacement cleaned files back to your website so you can get back to business.

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